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In the Worx

Mexico City-based Cargo Lift On-Boarded as New Vacuworx Distributor

Cargo Lift with its own network of 10 distributors and six branch locations covering all of Mexico, recently added Vacuworx to its product line up.

Cargo Lift, founded in 2008, a manufacturer and supplier of crane lift, cargo control and material handling technologies, has joined the Vacuworx family of authorized distributors.

They are based in Mexico City with six locations in Mexico, and a newly opened rigging shop in Dallas, Texas. The company has carved out a niche for products used for lifting and cargo control, alongside services that include proof load testing, RFID inspections and specialized lifting courses. A bilingual cargo training and consulting center, designed by Cargo Lift in partnership with US-based Becket Training & Consulting, provides a solid base of knowledge for both new and experienced operators.

Vacuworx Vacuum Lifting Systems are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of material-handling oriented industries from oil and gas, utility infrastructure and civil construction to hardscape, quarry, metal fabrication and precast concrete. Always on the lookout for products with an obvious edge over the competition, Cargo Lift sees a good fit for Vacuworx in their business as they continue to establish relationships with well-known brands in the rigging-and-hoisting marketplace.

Vacuworx, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, manufacturers vacuum lifting systems aimed at creating safer worksites and increasing productivity by accelerating load and unload cycle times while requiring fewer ground personnel. With standard lifting capacities of 1,700 lb to 55,000 lb (0.8 tonne to 25 tonne), Vacuworx systems handle virtually all sizes of pipe, plate, slab and precast with speed and precision—while keeping personnel out of harm’s way. 

With its formal introduction as an official Vacuworx distributor in June 2021, Cargo Lift is closing in on a new measure of lifting innovation as common values shared by the two companies make the relationship a natural fit. “Our philosophy at Cargo Lift is to offer lifting equipment with at least one evident advantage when compared to what else may be available on the market,” said Cargo Lift CEO Ricardo Barroso. “We look all the time for brands that comply with this philosophy, and certainly Vacuworx has a lot of evident advantages to offer that are not yet well known in the Mexican market.”

The operations of Cargo Lift customers expand into mines, quarries, steel mills, rail spurs, the prefabricated concrete industries and oil-and-gas pipeline construction fields. The company offers a full array of crane lift products, cargo control services and material handling technologies conforming to the highest standards of quality, safety and certification. Their catalog—aimed at cargo control professionals—includes everything from corrosion-resistant wire ropes, high-performance synthetic web slings and easily distinguishable chain slings to cable lines, manual and electric hoists, lifting clamps, plates, and dynamometers.

“We are excited to start with Vacuworx and are now receiving all the training and support we will need,” Barroso said. “All the videos, images, catalogues and training resources offered will help our 23 sales agents demonstrate how the lifting systems are safe, easy to use and efficient, and should be offered to all our customers in Mexico.”

In addition to maintaining a large stock and providing top-notch customer service, Cargo Lift takes pride in the proper use, care and inspection of all its products and equipment with safety protocols conforming to ASME B30.9 among other high standards. The organizations headquarters and primary factory are located in Mexico City with a second manufacturing facility in Ciudad del Carmen and commercial offices and warehouse locations across the country.

Vacuworx lifting systems, backed by 365/24/7 manufacturer support, have become the gold standard for pipe and concrete lifting, making traditional material handling challenges a thing of the past for customers around the world. The company operates globally and is supported by an international network of dealer locations spanning the United States, Canada, Europe, Australasia and Latin America.

Cargo Lift began operations at its Dallas, Texas, rigging shop location in January 2020.