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Vacuworx receives the Oklahoma Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting

Third Export Award for Vacuworx; Oklahoma Conference Supports International Business in Local Communities


Tulsa, Oklahoma (October 20, 2022) — Vacuworx, for the third time in its 23-year history, has been selected to receive the Oklahoma Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting. The export award recognizes the achievements of Oklahoma-based organizations for successfully maintaining or increasing export sales and provides an opportunity to build public support for international business activity by Oklahoma firms. It will be presented on October 20 during the 39th Annual Oklahoma World Trade Conference (OWTC) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Vacuworx engineers, manufactures, sells, rents and services equipment for the energy, construction, infrastructure, utility and landscaping industries. Innovation is the platform on which Vacuworx lifting systems are built, enabling the acceleration of loading and unloading cycle times while creating safer, more labor-efficient material-handling project environments. They can be attached to various host machines, such as hydraulic excavators, backhoes, wheel or track loaders, cranes, pipelayers, and forklifts.

 Vacuworx equipment, first exported in 2000, has been customized for many applications and lift capacities. The solutions have been innovated and diversified by Vacuworx to handle an array of varied materials including virtually any form of pipe made from plastic, cast-iron, concrete and steel, as well as steel piling, road plate, saw-cut concrete slabs, pre-cast concrete, fabricated sheet metal, landscape pavers, and more.

 The company, with over 50 employees in Oklahoma and a total of more than 60 worldwide, maintains a global inventory available for purchase or rental with parts, service, and technical support available year-round, 24 hours a day for installation, training, repairs, and troubleshooting. Vacuworx additionally maintains a growing global vacuum lifting technology distribution network—expanding efforts to move parts and equipment closer to customers and dealers in Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and other parts of the globe.

 International sales are a vital component to export award winners' total sales and business development. Vacuworx was further recognized as an Oklahoma Export Champion based on success stories in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Central America and South America, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. Vacuworx was a prior recipient of the Oklahoma Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting in both 2014 and 2017.


About Vacuworx

Vacuworx is the global leader in vacuum lifting technology. We engineer solutions for safer, less labor-intensive lifts across multiple industries. Since 1999, the launch of each original series of Vacuworx lifting systems has stood out based on an intensive R&D process including customer-led demonstrations—from the heaviest-duty lifting systems for pipe handling and infrastructure development to the versatility of compact equipment and battery-powered attachments designed to manage smaller construction, demolition, and landscaping jobs, and more. A series of innovative upgrades and a fleet of new, performance-enhanced vacuum lifting solutions have been launched—creating even safer and more efficient material-handling environments by keeping more people out of the places they do not need to be. An unwavering commitment to safety and open-source innovation practices has been driving users of our equipment upward for nearly 25 years.


Media Contact

Danielle Solomon